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Friday, June 8, 2012

Abundance is a very puzzling thing (free teleseminar)

The whole topic of abundance, and who has it and who doesn't, is very puzzling.

We may see people who, in our opinion, are not particularly smart or very "nice" or who aren't even very good at what they do, generate amazing abundance in their lives.
And then we see really nice people that are intelligent, hard-working, spiritual, and who work endlessly to help others, who are struggling and barely making ends meet.

How can this be?
We have all heard so much about the "law of attraction" and how we just need to focus on what we want.Well, sometimes it works and sometimes it seems to completely fail. Why is that?
Visualizing what you want and setting your intentions is very important, but that is only part of the puzzle. There are other critical factors which you have to work with in order to allow abundance into your life.

Some of these are:
  • Our old limiting beliefs
  • Our unconscious and energetic programming
  • The level of alignment between your conscious and unconscious mind, and between your spirit and your soul
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