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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bruce Lipton PhD: You are not a victim of your genes

Bruce Lipton PhD was a medical school professor and specialized in how the cells of our body receive and process information.
What he realised was that cells respond to their environments – and NOT their genes. In other words, they have a kind of fundamental awareness, to which they respond internally. This discovery overturned a long-held conventional view that our genes run the show. He was saying that “genetic determinism”, the idea that your genes govern your health and your personality traits is simply wrong.
He also showed how external influences of electromagnetic fields – energy fields - also influenced the cells, both in bad way as in microwaves and other electromagnetic fields around us, and in a good way as in energy healing techniques.  This totally undermined the whole basis of modern medicine, which says that drugs - which aim to interfere with internal cells processes - are the only way to treat the body. He was instrumental in developing a whole new field of study, now known as epigenetics, which means “control over the genes” by outside influences (including ourselves).
Lipton’s findings when he was at Stanford University have been replicated many times since. In other words he has been proved right.  Almost all of the cells that make up your body are “amoeba-like” – individual organisms that have evolved to specialize and co-operate in a mutual  survival strategy. These cells are self-determining, not governed by their genes, and act in a co-ordinated “swarm” to nurture themselves and to grow.
Humans are a collective of this cell-consciousness, and “so we are not victims of our genes,” to quote Lipton, “but masters of our own fates, able to create lives overflowing with peace, happiness, and love. We can also promote healing of disease. And what’s more, he has left his ivory towers of academia and put his ideas into practice. He is a far happier and successful person now than ever he was before. So we are not talking “New Age” nonsense when we talk of healing and creating happy lives; we are talking basic cellular biology. There’s food for thought.
Listen to him present his ideas in these videos. But be warned, he talks “rapid-fire” like rubber bullets with messages on them! 
Part 1 - watch him present his theories and their important implications for happiness and fulfilment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLl7X5TkF_Q
Part 2 – what you can actually do in practice to make dramatic changes to your life, fulfilment and happiness: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQuSY-eT02Y

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