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Friday, August 16, 2013

Change Your Brain – Change Your Life: FACT

Mark Waldman, who I mentioned in my previous article, carries out brain scan research at Penn University New York. In a recent lecture, Mark explained how brain research demonstrates that Big Ideas will change your brain – any really big idea - will grow neural connections (dendrites) in your brain.
Now, some ideas are good for your brain, and some are not. Money – or the fear of losing money – brain scans show this affecting the brain structure and function within seconds.  
How can a single idea, word or thought change your brain? It can and it does. All big ideas arise first in your frontal lobes. This information is sent to your thalamus – a grand central “station” – which creates for you what you think is going on “out there” in the outside world.
The thalamus may send the information to your occipital lobes – where you get to create a vision of what you want to create or achieve in the world. So your vision, and your big idea, can come together. But what's really important is that the information is sent to your parietal lobes (at the rear of your brain), and this creates an artificial construction of YOU – who you think you are does not exist in the real world. You are a fantasy. This part creates who you “are” in your mind.
If you begin to meditate and obsess on your big idea, on your dream, then you begin to align your (created) self, with your dream, goal and vision.
By the way, if dream is positive, it will stimulate parts of your brain which are enormously healthy – even add years to your life. Negative or destructive thoughts – like revenge or war – will stimulate harmful reverse affects in your brain. When you grumble, complain and get frustrated – you are killing yourself.
If you meditate on your big idea, for about 45 mins, the most unusual thing begins to happen,. Your parietal lobe activity falls off, and you actually begin to “disappear”; you are losing your “ego”. All that remains is your big idea; it floods your brain and in fact becomes your reality! It becomes all that exists to you. Can you get the power of this?
If you do this type of meditation regularly, within 8 wks the thalamus changes 10% of its structure. You actually cannot see reality the same way any more. So will you meditate on a positive set of ideas?
Find you big idea and meditate on it. Negative thoughts stimulate the amygdala – which is Latin for almond (its shape) - and it literally is the part of your brain that makes you go nuts. Research shows that if you look at a list of negative words, you get worse. Shown the word “No” for one second, will release more stress neuro chemicals than can possibly be good for you. When we see a positive word – hardly anything happens. Why? Because we are wired for threats, and this is no threat. That is why we have to OBSESS – meditate -  on our positive ideas for a very long time to get the benefits.
So what are big ideas? What is the biggest in your life? Here is the question to discover it – and it s not “what makes you happy?” It’s about values. Values are those ideas. Concepts, desires that are important to you, and which you would get energised to satisfy.  It’s simply this – but close your eyes first, and begin to change your brain.
Breathe in deeply, stretch, move around a bit in your chair, and …. Yawwwwn. 43 documented studies that show it is one of the eight best ways to exercise your brain.
Now think about something, or someone you deeply love. Then ask yourself this question: “What is my deepest, innermost value?” - the single phrase or word. This is your most important value which will change your world. It will change your life. When you share your deepest belief, you will find connections to the fundamentals of life itself. It will more peace into your heart, and if you bring them into your speech, with a smile and a soft gaze in your eyes, as you speak slowly for just short periods of time, you will change the listener. It’s called neuro-resonance. It is the key to getting along with others. 
You can watch Mark in his lecture for the highly respected TED series at http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/TEDxConejo-Mark-Robert-Waldman

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