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Because HAPPINESS is misused. My theory is that Happiness is NOT the POINT of Life; rather, it is a POINTER IN LIFE. And when it comes to making changes, that's what I specialise in at abetterlife-uk.com and http://hertscollegeofhypnosisandnlp.co.uk

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Life's happiness path = who cares? > grumpy > I can't be bothered?

Is happiness is 'U-shaped'? Are the middle-aged more grumpy? The Telegraph reports on research by
Mr van Landeghem to be will presented at the Royal Economic Society annual conference at Royal Holloway, the University of London, this week. It suggests that happiness follows a U-shaped curve during a person's lifetime, according to research showing that middle-aged people are the unhappiest.

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