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Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy mind - happy body

Rupert Christiansen interviews Britt Tajet-Foxell,the Royal Ballet’s resident psychologist for some 20 years (The Telegraph).
"Working on the mechanics of dancers’ injuries ..I became increasingly fascinated by their psychology. I observed how two dancers with the same injury could respond to it in completely different ways, one making a full recovery, the other never even making it back on stage."

"Dancers ... have little autonomy or control. They are taught to obey orders... This can lead individuals to doubt who they really are. I realised I wasn’t so interested in healing injury, as in using the healing of injury as a springboard to make a better dancer and a stronger personality."

One case is a dancer with an old heal injury. "My first thought on waking up every morning was anticipation of the pain I might feel when I put my heel on the floor. Being a get-up-and-get-on-with-it kind of person, I was sceptical that Britt could help. But she made me visualise my good heel and my bad heel: the good heel was running water and blue sky, the bad heel was gnarled broken twigs and barren landscape. Slowly, I learnt to see the bad heel as good heel too, and I realised that the pain was in my head, not in my heel."

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