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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Old but good test for your happiness prospects

Michael Fordyce began researching into happiness before it all got so popular.
In his view, the picture from psychological research has not changed that much since the mid 70s. I am just researching his contribution to the field, and thought you might like to try out his questionnaire to assess your happiness assets <here>.

HOWEVER - Fordyce points out that there are those people who swim against the tide and are happoy even though they are low on happiness assets. Equally, there are those who never tap into their plentiful assets, and are not happy in life. So really, he argues, there is only one question that matters:

How happy a person are you?

POSSIBLE ANSWERS: A. Extremely happy; B. Very happy; C. Pretty happy; D. Somewhat happy; E. Neutral (not particularly happy or unhappy); F. Somewhat unhappy; G. Pretty unhappy; H. Very unhappy. 
SCORING: No official scores for this; your answer says all that matters.

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