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Because wherever you are, you can have more happiness and for more of the time than you ever imagined. 'Do more of what you like, and less of what you don't!' (c) Richard Walker, 2009. And because happiness is often misunderstood. "Do you live to work, or do you work to live?" I reckon happy people do both at the same time. Make the decision now to tenaciously seek out what feels good – and find ways of doing more of it - rather than settle for “not bad.” There's a big difference. And when it comes to making changes, that's what I specialise in at abetterlife-uk.com and http://hertscollegeofhypnosisandnlp.co.uk

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Thoughts on happiness

Happiness may be more interesting than you might have thought. If happiness were just a feeling… then is all happiness equal in “value”? If not, then by what reference would you reasonably “judge” or rank happiness? 
How about this way of looking at kinds of happiness: 
  • Unhappy for no reason
  • Unhappy for bad reason
  • Unhappy for good reason
  • Neutral or simply “satisfied” – neither happy nor unhappy as time goes along
  • Neutral “on the average” – i.e. “ups” balance out the “downs” over time
  • Happy for bad reason
  • Happy for good reason
  • Happy for no reason – just happy J 
Which are you most like? What does “good” or “bad” mean here? Do you think a  ranking can be made? On what basis? How important is it? Do you agree with the listed order of ranking?

Have a happy weekend!

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