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Because HAPPINESS is misused. My theory is that Happiness is NOT the POINT of Life; rather, it is a POINTER IN LIFE. And when it comes to making changes, that's what I specialise in at abetterlife-uk.com and http://hertscollegeofhypnosisandnlp.co.uk

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Give people back to themselves" - Sir Ken Robinson

I’ll come straight to the point today – I want to introduce Sir Ken Robinson to you. He’s a scouser who “done good.” Funny, articulate and clever. But mainstream (note the knighthood which he got for his kind of work) – which is what some of us prefer. Not everyone can take the American stuff straight on the chin.

Ken bangs on about how our upbringing – and education in particular – can do the opposite of what it intended, and stunt our development by putting a straight-jacket around us. He bangs on about how if we “turn this the other way … you release resources and give people back to themselves.” It’s about being “in your element.” This is not New Age waffle. He sees this is as the core of discovering how to create a life that you love ALL of. Enjoy his short talks at the links below; there’s a very good chance they will get you thinking (in a good way). And do consider buying his books if you like his stuff.ON-LINE Videos:

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