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Because HAPPINESS is misused. My theory is that Happiness is NOT the POINT of Life; rather, it is a POINTER IN LIFE. And when it comes to making changes, that's what I specialise in at abetterlife-uk.com and http://hertscollegeofhypnosisandnlp.co.uk

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Too busy to be happy? I’ll be happy when ….

I have written before about that research supports the idea that some people are just naturally happier than others (Diener et al., 1999). It is also found that happier people tend to react more positively to life’s ups and downs. But even more significant, that the more sanguine, sceptical rational types amongst us would do well to take note of, is that happier people tend to act in ways that increase their chances of achieving even more rewarding outcomes. 
In other words, happy people make successful lives, and not the other way around. That means, if your general philosophy on life is that you set about achieving things, because that is more important than happiness, then your approach is flawed. Because happy people make more success.
By the same token, if your general “plan” follows the logic of “I’ll be happy when I have achieved [
some goal or objective]” then your plan is flawed. On balance, achievements don’t produce happiness  - rather, happiness produces success.  Happy people make happy lives. 

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